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Successful Realtor Observations

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

A lot of people enter the real estate business with dreams of a life with no boss to answer to, large commission checks, sporting around in a fancy car, 6+ figure annual income, attending swanky cocktail parties in the newest luxury listing, extended vacations, midday beach excursions with friends, etc.

I imagine many of these desires spawn from watching too many TV shows like Selling Sunsets (I've never watched it).

Not to be a Debbie-Downer, but that is just reality TV. And for most agents, it just isn't very realistic. See my previous post - How much do Sarasota/Bradenton Realtor make?

I thought it might be helpful to those new in the business or those looking to improve their real estate business if I listed some observations of one of Corcoran Dwellings more successful agents. Not bragging here, but he/she had three closings in May that generated commission checks of $50,250, $34,875, and $93,600. I think most would consider that success. I will keep the identity of this agent anonymous for obvious reasons.

Observations of Agent X:

  • Full-time agent

  • Has no "side hustles"

  • 9+ years as a Realtor

  • Was not an overnight success (do they really exist?)

  • Started career working with internet leads, but is now mostly referral based

  • Tremendous market knowledge

  • Client focused

  • Problem solver

  • Consistently prospects/markets for new clients

  • Has only been with 2 real estate brokerages

  • Never chased and is not currently chasing a "Realtor Silver Bullet"

  • Zero interest in 100% commission-based brokerages

  • Focuses on annual income vs commission split with the broker

  • Spends very little resources on social media marketing

  • Understands that there is no substitute for hard work

  • Marketing budget is focused on past clients and geo-farm

  • Very helpful to fellow agents

  • Lives and works with an abundance mindset

  • Vacations regularly and often

  • Manages money well and is financially ready for every real estate market slowdown

I hope you find this helpful. :-)

Marc Rasmussen

Broker/Owner of Corcoran Dwellings

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